Playing cards

As a kid in the 70s, I loved them – playing cards in every form. That’s why I really feel like bringing two new quartet games onto the market. They will appear in early 2021 and contain 52 vehicles each from the “Vanlife”, “Expedition vehicles” and “Unimog passion” categories. You are welcome to pre-order a copy now.


Traveling and living in a campervan is simple, self-determined and often exciting. We will show you 52 unusual vehicles, most of them were created in a DIY-project with great attention to details. You can find out who owns the vehicle via the Instagram accountname and if you are interested you can contact all of them.

18,00 € inkl. Shipping costs

Expedition vehicles

Anyone traveling with an expedition vehicle is often drawn to more distant countries and areas. The journeys are often arduous and the vehicles have to endure a lot more. We will show you 52 impressive vehicles – from converted old army vehicles to high-tech bolides with all imaginable extras.

18,00 € inkl. Shipping costs

Pre-order now

Of course, the pre-order is not binding. We will only inform you when the quartet games are available.